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Hello, I write today about a trip supposed to be an escape form all year hard work and you plan for every detail to come meeting your expectation but some people has different say about what you plan for your self and more importantly what you pay for. The service I used before when I planned for a family trip in the same place in 2014.

we came back loaded with nice and good memories so when I planned for this year I decided to go with them and it happened that the same resort was available for very attractive price so I made my reservation. to make sure I called the 1-800 number and I had a life agent who helped me to get my reservation completed. My troubles started when I arrived into the resort check in desk, where I was received by a young man his name was Alfredo, and he treated me as a piece of garbage from the first moment. I spent about 20 minutes watching him checking in a single mom with a young teen age girl and a little boy, the Mom and the girl were real pretty female and Mr.

Alfredo was smiling laughing with them and there was nothing wrong with that he was being nice to them and he offered them 2 cold glass of champagne in that hot tropical weather which I found that all other clerks are doing to the hotel gusts checking in. The lady and her kid are gone and it was my turn to check in and I had to deal with Mr. Alfredo who seemed to me that he didn't like me from the first moment for no reason, and all of a sudden his gentleness went away and the smile was gone and I got a pale face, rough voice ordering me to fill some papers, and I won't even speak about the complementary Champagne in this situation, I felt as I am check in a military camp or so. It was 1:10 pm and Mr.

Alfredo asked me to return back to the check in desk at 3:00 pm to get my room key without even giving me a room number. Mr Alfredo did not inform us about where are the restaurant if we need to eat a lunch or any reservation if we want to make one in the many special restaurant in the resort, although he was flooding all this kind info on the family checked in just before us and he handed them their room key. I wet with my wife to set on a couch in the hotel resection for 2 hours, thirsty, hungry, since our flight was at 6 am and we been awake since 3:30 to get to the airport, but this was nothing to what happened after. At 3 pm I went back to get me room key and to know the room number and it was first floor on which was OK for me.

but when I went to the room, the real trouble started, the room was dusty, and it had a smell of a damp from an ole water leak and the smell was awful. I left my wife there and went back to Mr. Alfredo my torturer, and I informed him about that and he said that he can't do any thing about that and that I have to call and of course form Mexico you can't call American 1-800 number. so I felt that I was deceived, cheated and I will fight for my right and I started to ask for his manager and he said that he is the supervisor...

Than when our voices started to get louder, a man came from a room behind the front desk and stated to calm me down,, asking me that I should take that room temporarily and that he PERSONALLY (so far I don't know who he was) will find me another room. I was not satisfied with that and I kept pushing to change the room for no results from these people, I was very upset and I felt if I stayed there I would do something stupid. so I went to the grave they give us to stay in, and to my poor wife who was dreaming with a good vacation we planned together for it and it end up with a filthy room full of bad smell and damp no body can breath in. We have to stay into these room for 2 days without any sign that the hotel management will do any thing about it.

so I called my daughter in Chicago and I gave her all the reservation info and I asked her to call to tell them about what happened with me and that I will sue them for any health damage may results from staying in such room since I have a very bad Allergy and I can't breath in damp places like that. called the hotel general manager whom his office is located on a next door resort and my daughter asked me to go and meet him and he will take care of me. I did, and The man, David was very busy with a big group of tourists but he gave me a very good ear and he made all the required arrangement for the room change and he asked me to go to the front desk again to get the new room keys. My vacation started from this moment 4 pm on the 3rd day.

My question to no whop will reimburse me for the time I lost of my vacation fighting the stubbornness of a man who doesn't understand any thing about hospitality and he is a supervisor of the from desk of that resort? I am schedule to see my pulmonary doctor since I feel real bad after that time I spent in that room, who is going to pay for my medical bill?

who is going to reimburse me for the hassle and the argument and the aggravation that guy caused? My vacation lost it's taste because of that guy and the way he treated me and my wife for no reason or any thing we did to him.

Product or Service Mentioned: Book It Vacation Package Booking.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Very bad hotel receiption.

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Book It - The Worst Agency Ever!!!

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This was the worst experience I have ever had using a vacation site! They allowed me to book a vacation with flights and after everything was paid an error message was sent to my email stating there was a problem booking my vacations, yet it didn't stop them from taking the money from my account in full!

I spent the next 6 hours fighting to get my money back from the airlines because the tickets where paid for but the hotel was sold out and they had no place for my family and I to stay!

Mind you, I spoke to not one but two reps from book-it who allowed me to still book with the hotels sold out!


Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Don't use Book It.Com


Extended our trip for two days....agent did tell us their would be flight cost difference added. i asked several times we would book but only if less the $100d.

It was 30$ but didn't tell us the airline charged 150$ per person for changing planes. BOOK IT denies this. Also our INCLUDED SHUTTLE NEVER PICKED US UP! Book it recognized the mistake after we were home and I emailed them.

They offered me $25 in a hotel voucher and in return I don't speak to any third party. Our cab cost us 40$ plus tip. What a joke!

Also they failed to tell us our resort was a timeshare with locals and children. Never use book it again!!!

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